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With the growing popularity of the English teaching market, as a teacher, how should we improve our competitiveness in the workplace and stand out in the teaching team surrounded by strong competitors?

TEFL certificate, as an international English teaching certificate, provides fair and quantifiable criteria and basis for the selection of English teachers by colleges, English educational institutions, enterprises and institutions around the world

70% of international English educational institutions require English teachers to pass the TEFL test. 90% of the top 100 English educational institutions in China require English teachers to have TEFL certificates. At the same time, having TEFL certificate is also an important weight to face the recruitment of foreign enterprises.

Why Choose TEFL in China:

Global Quality Resources

Developing a Strong Reputation

Strong International Atmosphere

An Expert Teaching Team

Benefits for having TEFL Certificate

Having the opportunity to work in any country

Generally,every country would offer positions to teach English with high salary

We've helped numerous students teach English around the world.

Bring your work to the next level

We will provide you a chance to gain more experience

Teachers around the world start their career with the help of TEFL

Get a worldwide accreditate certificate

You can do a respectful job and enjoy everything that English brings to you.

TEFL is a worldwide accreditated certificate,you can master professional English teaching skills from it.

     TEFL Courses Arrangement  

TEFL for Children
TEFL Advanced
TEFL for Business
TEFL for Expert
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TEFL Enrollment fees

If you are an English teacher, you need TEFL

TEFL Professional Level


Perfect for single freelancers who work by themselves

  • How to be a good teacher

    How to be a good learner

    How to manage teaching and learning

    How to describe learning and teaching


TEFL Advanced Course


Suitable for small businesses with up to 5 employees

  • How to describe language

    How to teach language

    How to teach reading

    How to teach writing


TEFL Expert Course


Great for large businesses with more than 5 employees

  • How to teach speaking

    How to teach listening

    How to use textbooks

    How to plan lessons


Get a worldwide accreditated English teaching ‘passport'

Global job opportunities

• Paid TEFL positions exist more or less in every country. We have helped thousands of people realize their dreams and teach in different countries all over the world. 

Career advancement

• TEFL is a fantastic opportunity to gain some experience and set you up for future academic learning. Many teachers all over the world start their careers with our courses before taking future courses.

Internationally recognized certificate

• TEFL certificates are recognized worldwide and gives you the qualification and skills to teach English professionally.

    TEFL Value  

TEFL-scope of application

TEFL certificate is fitable for people who are interested in English teaching,there is also a specific Master degree called TEFL.

You can learn TEFL at any time and you can teach English at any country,it is also a qualification for you to apply for a job.

The difference between TEFL and TESOL

TESOL stands for 'Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages'.The main purpose for TESOL is to train non-native speakers to teach English,which contains mothodology learning and practice training.

TEFL stands for 'Teaching English as a Foreign Language'.TEFL is an universial and internationally accreditated certificate nowadays.It proves that a teacher has gained professional skills in English and teaching.

Is TEFL useful?

English has been valued in China for a long time,especially English study for children.Therefore,the requirements for TEFL certificate have been growing larger and larger in most of Chinese institutions.TEFL is really useful,it is a globally accreditated English teaching certificate.You must have a TEFL certificate to teach English in China,even if you are a native-speaker.

the virtue of TEFL certificate

TEFL certificate is certified and issued by TEFL qualified institutions. It is a globally recognized ESL teacher professional qualification certificate. English teaching skills meet the international standards set by UNESCO. With TESOL Certificate, you become an expert in the field of English speaking training and have the qualification to teach English as a second language in countries all over the world.   

At the same time, TEFL certificate has been recognized by more than 8000 schools in more than 156 countries, and has nearly 100 group members and more than 14000 professionals all over the world. In North America, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and other English speaking countries, most schools and language training institutions recognize TEFL certificates. At present, TEFL courses have been offered in more than 80 countries and regions, including China.

Can Chinese people sign up for a TEFL test?

Of course you can,TEFL in China has different kinds of courses for you to choose,like Dingding online course and in-class full-time course.We've got professional,skillful and well-trained experts from around the world,who can help you master advanced teaching skills,change your methodology,renovate traditional English teaching style and cultivate better English learners.TEFL certificate can make you a more competitive employee,and get more chance to work with high salary.If you failed to pass the TEFL test,you even have one more chance to retake the test.

What job can you do with a TEFL certificate

The employment direction of those who hold TEFL certificate is very clear. Generally speaking, there are four categories: teachers, publishing, research and government staff. In English speaking countries, TEFL teachers teach a wide range of subjects. Some are responsible for teaching new immigrants across the country, while others are responsible for adult education and teaching in community colleges.

What can you learn from TEFL

1) 25%basic English skills(from primary school level to university level)

2) 75%foreign teacher class.You will learn how to teach in different module like listening, speaking, reading, writing, Grammar,Vocabulary and pronunciation

3) English teaching skill:large/small size class,how to manage your class;

class design:you will handle all kinds of teaching skills regarding different topics.

in class activities:group discussion,card production etc.

session arrangement:weekends class 2-3 months,VIP class 1-3months.


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How we cooperate with TEFL/TESOL Experts

We offer authoritative education content,consulting services as well as one-to-one specific TESOL/TEFL course.And help other enterprise staff with their business skills.
With the continuous expansion of market demand, we are still constantly looking for excellent teachers. We welcome big guys with dreams to join us.
cooperate with famous KOLs
Recognized figures with significant contributions and influence in the field of education and training.
Have a systematic knowledge system and authoritative working background, and own their own copyrighted courses or books.
cooperate with high-level teachers
We invite teachers with good popularity and are trusted by lots of students.
Have teaching experience at home and abroad, and are able to bring more advanced teaching concepts and methods into the classroom.
Willing to cooperate with others, and have the spirit of dedication to education.

cooperate with experienced experts
Recognized expert in the field of education and training.
Expert trainer and tutor, with more authoritative recognition, working in the front line for a long time.

Taifu Education has close cooperation with many international educational institutions, international schools and universities, and has a strong ability of self-improvement and self-learning. Regarding to the actual situation in China, we have summarized a set of innovative and efficient management methods, such as complete service process, knowledge management, project management, cooperation and alliance business, which can greatly improve the work efficiency and service quality of the team. While providing high-quality services for teachers, we also pay attention to the construction of the company's core competitiveness, and have made phased breakthroughs in independent intellectual property rights and innovation. We have the right to use and copyright multiple categories of trademarks in education and training, advertising sales, education and entertainment, office supplies, website services and other industries.

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fill out the application form correctly,provide English proficiency certificate,The highest academic certificate, one copy of ID card and one 2-inch photo. Online registration (scanning copy provided) and on-site registration are both acceptable.
You can pay the tuition fee by cash,company account transfer,POS machine,Alipay and Wechat
Get a series of TESOL textbook and choose a suitable date to begin your study.
Take your lessons with the help of professional American teacher.Take the exam after finishing your study.

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TEFL in China, as the official chief representative of TESOL, is fully responsible for TEFL business in Chinese Mainland. TEFL/TESOL certificate is an important certificate to define the level of International English teaching. Having a highly valuable TEFL/TESOL certificate with international recognition is like having a key to open the door of the world and open your own road to success.

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