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TEFL 120 hour classes

级别 TEFL 120 hour classes
难度 4颗星
教材 主教材+考试大纲
适合人群 所有人群
学习形式 线上直播+线下面授
报名条件 专业英语八级,雅思六分

The 120-Hour Master TEFL/TESOL Certification course offers affordable, TUTOR-GUIDED, self-paced certification for teachers of English to speakers of other languages.

Learn to teach English in this comprehensive course that prepares you for the classroom with 13 tutor-guided teaching modules, Grammar Advisor certification, and introductory modules in Teaching Young Learners and Teaching Business English. Qualified trainees have the option to earn college credit for this course!

120-Hour Master TEFL/TESOL Course Components


Modules 1-13: Core Teacher Training

Targeted, interactive modules on essential topics in teaching reading, writing, speaking, and listening to speakers of other languages. The course is 100% online and lessons are delivered via reading assignments, videos, interactive assessments, and quizzes.

Throughout the 13 modules, you will complete lesson plans and other short, written assignments, such as essays or sample lesson plans, that will be submitted to your personal tutor for feedback and a grade. Your tutor is also available via the convenient communication feed to answer any questions you have as you work through your course.

Grammar Advisor Certification

This 40-hour component is a grammar refresher course, certification, and teaching resource all in one. Complete the self-study grammar course first, which includes four comprehensive sections, each with reading, interactive practice quizzes, and supplemental video tutorials.

When youre ready, take the final exam to earn your 40-hour Grammar Advisor Certification, which is applied toward your total 120-hour TEFL/TESOL certification (and may also be downloaded separately).

As a teacher, refer back to this grammar course as a reference for up to a year, and take advantage of the "Ask the Grammar Advisor" feature, by submitting questions to our team of grammar experts to receive a personalized response.

Specialized Teaching Modules

These two, 10-hour modules go beyond general training by providing a preliminary introduction to Teaching Young Learners and Business Professionals. Youll learn the basics of designing and delivering effective lessons specific to learners in these high-demand teaching areas, and create a foundation for future study.

ESL Library Teaching Resources

This course also includes 6 monthsaccess to a database of teaching resources you can use in your own classroom after you complete the course. ESL Library is an online collection of over 900 beautifully designed, well-planned English lesson plans, and over 2,000 flashcards available for you to download, print, and use with your students.

Earn University Credit

This course has been evaluated and recommended for 6 semester hours of undergraduate college credit by The American Council on Educations College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®).

To qualify to earn ACE CREDIT for the Master Certificate, TEFL trainees should either have already completed a bachelors degree or currently be enrolled in a degree program as at least a junior in standing, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Is this course right for me?

Take the 120-Hour Master TEFL Certification course to get a solid background in teaching methodology and effective lesson planning and to qualify for teaching jobs.

If you answer yes to the following questions, this is the right course for you!

I would like to earn a TEFL-TESOL certification that goes beyond minimum requirements for international teaching jobs.

Im looking for an affordable, self-paced course I can finish in 3 months or less.

I would like a course with a personal tutor to guide me and answer questions.

I want to specialize my training to stand out to employers.

I would like job placement assistance, including lifetime access to the BridgeTEFL Job Board.

Id like access to printable, pre-made lesson plans and flashcards to use in my own English classroom.

I may want to earn university credit for my TEFL course.

I would like the option to earn college credit for my TEFL course.

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